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Katrin Moye

I started collecting ceramics by Katrin Moye about 18 months ago. I stumbled across her work in The Strathearn Gallery in the small Perthshire town of Crieff. It was the usual story, I saw the most beautiful jug on display, fell in love with it instantly, kept going back to look at it and then walked out of the gallery without it. This exquisite jug stayed in my mind for the entire journey home and then as soon as I walked through my front door, I phoned the gallery and paid for it over the phone. The gallery owner laughed and told me that she just knew I'd be back for it. And so my love affair with Katrin Moye's work began. My husband knows that if he is ever stuck with ideas of a gift for me, he only has to contact Katrin and she will provide him with the perfect thing.

So here is what you need to know about Katrin...

Katrin Moye is well known for her intricately decorated handmade ceramics - planters, jugs, cups and bowls are thrown on the wheel and hand painted with delicate precision, describing an imaginary Scandinavian rural idyll of flowers, snowflakes, trees and forest animals. These patterns and motifs are inspired by the picture books, interiors and folktales of her childhood in the UK and Germany in the 1970s. She is currently on a year long residency at Nottingham University's Lakeside Arts Centre, funded by Arts Council England, working on a project that is taking her work in new directions and developing and expanding her ideas about what objects mean to us all, and how they reflect and confirm our identity to ourselves. She has been making all kinds of things in clay in response to the students' stories - noodles, dogs, grandmothers, jewellery, dumplings, cats and rabbits. 

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