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A Life by Numbers

Like most people, I also know exactly where I was when news of the tragic death of Princess Diana broke. My husband and I were living in Cyprus at the time. We were driving to the outdoor pool when the announcement came across the radio. We neither of us spoke. Again, like most of us, I know precisely what I was doing when the World Trade Towers were hit. I was a few weeks away from giving birth to Eliza and I was resting on the sofa when the programme I was watching was interrupted. I couldn't take it in. I kept watching the footage and then gasped in horror as the second tower was hit before my eyes. As I cupped my arms around my huge bump, I knew that the world was never going to be the same again. And yet with all of these memories, both wonderful and horrific, not only do I know where I was or how old I was, I also know exactly how much I weighed. 

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Pie Crusts and Promises

For me, January is the slowest month. It has an honesty and effortlessness to it after the frivolities and chaos of December. Each day is fleeting, holding within it the briefest of moments, which fall untarnished and remain unmarked as the sun fades and time disappears into nothingness.  Despite the shorter days, I feel as though I have all the time in the world. There is nothing pressing to do and very little to occupy my mind. It's too early for my seedlings to appear or to start the ritual of spring cleaning the house and it's too late to worry about the things that I didn't achieve last year. The mistakes I had previously made and the worries that I had carried with me were put to bed as I turned over the page of my new calendar.

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Notes from the Aga

I think about everything, from the trivial to the profound. I can spend an entire hour wandering whether we eat enough fish or whether our duvet has the right tog count for the time of year. But just lately one question has dominated my thoughts. I live a small but important life. I end most days with a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. But do I keep my life intimate because I like it this way or because I am fearful of trying something new? In the years to come, when I approach the late autumn and winter of my life, will I feel as though I have done enough? Have I grasped the opportunities presented to me and left a legacy on this world?

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